2014 oklahoma rocks! what lies beneath!

2013 oklahoma rocks! state parks

2013 oklahoma rocks! groundwater

2012 oklahoma rocks! making a landscape

2011 oklahoma rocks! energy!

2010 oklahoma rocks!

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cover of Oklahoma Rocks 2011

OKLAHOMA ROCKS! The Making of a Landscape is the third of the OKLAHOMA ROCKS! series of 16-page publications issued in October each year and aimed at students in grades 7 through 12. Learn how our geologic past has shaped our landscape and how changes in the rocks around us have produced such amazing variety in this state.

All editions of OKLAHOMA ROCKS! supplements and their lessons, activities and workbooks will be available from the Daily Oklahoman's Newspapers in Education site http://nie.newsok.com/programs after October 21, 2011.

The Energy edition produced in 2010 takes a look at the energy picture in Oklahoma from sources of energy, usage, costs, delivery methods, revenues to the state and jobs available in the industry.  The text covers oil and gas, coal, coalbed methane, hydroelectric power, wind, nuclear, and other sources of energy.  The goal of the program is to examine various pros and cons of different energy sources, examine how the energy is produced and what the costs and delivery methods are, and outline how Oklahoma gets and uses its energy.
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GEOLOGIC TIME SCALE--large size, pdf (312 kb)


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Also check out the Destinations Oklahoma supplement material at the same web site when planning summer trips around the State. It includes more information on Oklahoma geology and sites to visit.

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List of Mining Exhibits, Mining Museums, and Tour Mines in the U.S.

Resources for scout and civic groups in all states, including Oklahoma.

Mining tours and information



Ogs brochure on wichita mountains

The Survey has published a new brochure on the geologic history of the Wichita Mountains in southwestern Oklahoma. Dr. M. Charles Gilbert of the University of Oklahoma's Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy has written a brief version of the region's fascinating geologic history and provided directions to sites where visitors can see the geology.

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GEOLOGIC TIME SCALE--large size, pdf (312 kb)


EP-9 Earth Science and Mineral Resources in Oklahoma

Educational Publication-9: Earth Sciences and Mineral Resources for Oklahoma offers readers a generalized overview of the state and its natural resources. It is edited by Kenneth S. Johnson and Kenneth V. Luza. Download the entire publication or separate sections and pages. SCROLL DOWN FOR OPTIONS!

Complete EP9 (Free download of entire publication pdf file 45K)

The oversized, 21-page publication contains text, maps, cross sections and illustrations that cover topography, geologic history, and the geomorphic provinces of Oklahoma as well as a general introduction, references and a glossary.

EP-9 provides a broad look at minerals and oil and gas resources, all of economic value. Other sections cover climate, vegetation, soil, lakes, rivers, streams, groundwater and earthquakes.

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EP-9 Inside pages without cover (28K)
EP-9 Cover (17K)

Separate Sections of EP9

EP9 Cover, contents, introduction, references, glossary, strat column, contents, (17K)

EP9 Topographic map of Oklahoma, p. 2.

EP9 Oklahoma geology, geomorphology, geologic history, geologic map, cross sections, provinces, p. 3–9 (5K)

EP9 Oklahoma earthquakes, page 9 (1.5K)

EP9 Minerals, oil and gas, p. 10–11 (1.9K)

EP9 Water resources, rivers, streams, lakes, ground water, p. 12–14 (5K)

EP9 Geologic hazards, p. 15 (1K)

EP9 Soil, vegetation, climate, p. 16–19 (13K)


Basic Oklahoma Maps

Map Oklahoma Counties (pdf)

Map Oklahoma Base Map (pdf)

Map Oklahoma Township and Range and Counties (pdf)

Map Oklahoma Geologic Provinces (pdf)

Map Oklahoma Geologic Provinces (jpg)

Map Oklahoma Geologic Provinces and Cross Section (pdf)

Map Oklahoma Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Grid Zone Designation (pdf)
For more about UTM maps, visit this U.S. Geological Survey Web page:

Notes article: History of the Boundaries of Oklahoma (text and maps, pdf)



Basic Information about Oklahoma Geology


Rose Rock Brochure, Information, maps, and photos showing Oklahoma's State Rock

EP6 Generalized Geologic Time Scale with information about Oklahoma fossils

Wonder of the Wichitas flier about the formation of the Wichitas, the rock groups, general information about the area, and where to see features.




OGS Technical Workshops

Calendar of OGS Events

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  • educational publication 9: earth sciences and mineral resources of oklahoma
    oversized, color maps and text about basic oklahoma geology, resources, water, earthquakes, hazards and other topics. ep-9 is an important resource for educational purposes
  • new! rose rocks–the barite rose
    Brochure on Oklahoma's rose rocks, the barite rose
  • new! the wonder of the wichitas!
    Brochure on Oklahoma's Wichita Mountains outlines geologic history and locates examples for visitors to see.
  • petrified wood in oklahoma
    powerpoint presentation on petrified wood by ogs geologist neil suneson
  • basic maps oklahoma, boundaries information
    simplified oklahoma maps to print for classroom use
  • general geologic maps
  • quadrangle maps, state geologic map, and other detailed maps
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    meetings for geologists and others in scientific fields and oil and gas production
  • what does the oklahoma geological survey do?

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  • boundaries of oklahoma
    article on history of oklahoma's state boundaries, including maps and locations