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Booch Workshop February 2009

Dan BOYD Regional Overview and Stratigraphic Framework

Dan BOYD Geologic History, Regional Mapping and Petroleum System

Dan BOYD Brooken (Texanna SW) Field Study

Max TILFORD Drilling and Completion Practices

Dan BOYD Reams Southeast Field Study

Dan Boyd Pine Hollow South Field Study

Unconventional Reservoirs Workshop August 20, 2009

Frank WALLES What Makes a Shale System Gas Producible? How/Why May Producibility Vary? (abstract only)

Kent E. NEWSHAM, J. A. RUSHING, A. D. PEREGO, J. T. COMISKEY, and T. A. BLASINGAME Beyond Decline Curves: Life-cycle Reserves Appraisal Using an Integrated Work-flow Process for Tight Gas Sands

Tad M. SMITH Rock Physics of Low Porosity/Low Permeability Sandstones

Dick MERKEL NMR Applications in Tight Gas Sandstone and Shale Gas Reservoirs

Brian J. CARDOTT Woodford Gas-shale Plays of Oklahoma

Chandra S. RAI, Carl H. SONDERGELD, J. MONCRIEFF, S. KALE, A. KARASTATHIS, and N. SONDHI Petrophysical Study of Barnett Shale

Kurt J. MARFURT Seismic Expression of Shale Reservoirs. Opportunities for Technology Improvement

John W. ELY Waterfracs: A Perspective of 8+ Years of Intense Study and a Review of 60+ Years of Field Work

Ian WALTON Optimal Perforating Design for Hydraulic Fracturing and Wellbore Connectivity in Gas Shales


November 3:Natural gas assessment of the arkoma basin, ouachita thrust belt, and reelfoot rift

by the U.S. Geological Survey

Moore Norman Technology Center
Norman, Oklahoma

David Houseknecht Introduction and Methodology Overview

David Houseknecht Regional Geologic Framework

David Houseknecht Arkoma Basin Shelf and Deep Basin Plays

James L. Coleman Review of Geology for a USGS Resource Assessment of Ouachita Thrust Belt, Post-Ouachita Successor Basins and Reelfoot Rift

Stan Paxton Shale-Gas Resources

David Houseknecht Arkoma Basin Shale Gas Assessment Units

Robert C. Milici Arkoma Basin Coalbed Gas


All OGS publications on the Arkoma Basin

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Ouachita Front Range/Arkoma Basin Field trip guide. open file 1–2009. 175 PAGES.
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