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Mississippian Play Workshop, May 18 and august 2, 2011

Walter L. MANGER Lower Mississippian Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Dynamics: Insights from the Outcrops, Northwestern Arkansas and Southwestern Missouri

Kurt ROTTMANN Stratigraphic Architecture of the Kinderhookian to Meramecian Series

Kurt J. MARFURT Attribute Expression of the Mississippi Lime

Shane MATSON Initial Results of a Six Horizontal Well Drilling Program Targeting Mississippi (Osagean) Reservoirs in Northeast Oklahoma

Cody KNEPPER Identification of Natural Fractures from Conventional Wireline Logs

Charles W. WICKSTROM and Steve TILLEY Historical Overview of Mississippian Production in Northeast Oklahoma

Carl VANDERVOORT Data & Drilling Methods from Horizontal Mississippian Reservoirs Across Northern Oklahoma

Kurt ROTTMANN Field Examples of Osagean/Meramecian Reservoir Systems

Kurt ROTTMANN Field Examples of Fracturing and Drainage


shales moving forward, july 21, 2011

C. Michael MING Transformative Technology Impacting Traditional Energy Systems

Richard NEWHART Haynesville Play Next Steps—One Operator’s Perspective

Craig D. CALDWELL Lithostratigraphy of the Woodford Shale, Anadarko Basin, West-Central Oklahoma

Rick LEWIS Exploration/Appraisal of Shales

Neil STEGENT Let’s Put Engineering Back into Fracture Stimulation!

Jeff NOE Frac Mapping: Moving Beyond the Dots from an Engineering Perspective

Mark E. CURTIS, Raymond J. AMBROSE, Carl H. SONDERGELD and Chandra RAI Investigating the Microstructure of Gas Shales by FIB/SEM Tomography & STEM Imaging

C. MORENO, Y. CHITRALA, C. SONDERGELD and C. RAI Hydraulic Fractures, Acoustic Emissions and Shearing


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