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The Oklahoma Geological Survey does not have a database for oil and gas production and well data for the state of Oklahoma.  Public access to these data is provided by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (http://www.occeweb.com/), although these data are not complete.  The most complete sources of data are available from pay-for-use providers such as Oil Law Records (http://welldata.oil-law.com/) and IHS Energy (http://energy.ihs.com/).  Additional information can be found at http://www.ogs.ou.edu/oilgasokdata.php.”


List of OGS Play-Based Workshops and resulting publications

Oil and Gas Data and References

Field Discovery Wells (Excel format)

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Stratigraphic Chart Stratigraphic Guide to Oklahoma Oil and Gas Reservoirs by Dan Boyd

Stratigraphic chart, front of chart (pdf)

Table of Oklahoma Oil and Gas Reservoirs, back of chart (pdf)

Currently Available OGS Oil and Gas Publications

All OGS Oil and Gas Related Publications

Dan Boyd and the Oklahoma Geological Survey by RIchard Andrews and Neil H. Suneson, article reprinted with permission from the OCGS Shale Shaker


Oklahoma Oil and Gas Maps, Cross Sections, and Logs

Map GM36. Oklahoma oil and gas fields (distinguished by GOR and conventional gas vs. coalbed methane, by Dan T. Boyd.(pdf) (data)

Map GM37. Oklahoma oil and gas fields (distinguished by coalbed methane and field boundaries), by Dan T. Boyd.(pdf) (data)

Map GM38. Oklahoma oil and gas fields (by reservoir age), by Dan T. Boyd (pdf) (data)

Map GM28 Map of Oklahoma Oil and Gas Fields, compiled by Margaret R. Burchfield, 1989, revised supplement, 1997. (Data files only)

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Oklahoma Hydrocarbon Source Rocks and Gas Shales

Bibliographies of Source Rocks and Gas Shales

Presentations & Reports
Including October 2008 Gas Shales Workshop Presentations!

Oklahoma Gas/Oil Shale Completions Map, 1939-2014

Woodford Shale Gas/Oil Well Completions Map, 2004-2014

Oklahoma Gas and Tight Oil Shales Database (Documentation)


Oklahoma Oil and Gas History and Activity

Shale Shaker Articles

Oklahoma: The Ultimate Oil Opportunity

Milestones in the Oklahoma Oil and Gas Industry

NEW 2011 Drilling Highlights

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2005 Drilling Highlights

(Shale Shaker articles reprinted with permission from the Oklahoma City Geological Society)

Source, Migration, Trap, Reservoir
PE 5613 September 17th geology lecture
by Dan Boyd (PowerPoint)

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Bibliographies of Oklahoma Basins

Bibliography of Anadarko Basin

Bibliography of Arbuckle Mountains

Bibliography of Ardmore Basin

Bibliography of Arkoma Basin

Bibliography of Marietta Basin




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Maps, Cross Sections, Logs

Hydrocarbon Source Rocks, Gas Shales

History, Activity

Bibliographies of Oklahoma Basins

NEW! Booch Sandstone, Arkoma Basin: Outcrops to Well Logs, a PowerPoint presentation from OGS Geologist Neil H. Suneson.

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