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*Educational Publication 7
Reading Topographic Maps—Activities for Earth Science Teachers and Students, by James R. Chaplin. 82 pages. 2001. Three-ring binder, $15.
Note: USGS Topographical Maps for Oklahoma is used as a supplement to EP-7 and is available online at:
Oklahoma topographic maps can be purchased at the publication sales office of the Oklahoma Geological Survey at the OPIC facility.
*Educational Publication 8
Oklahoma Geology for Earth Science Teachers/Students Grades 6–12, by James R. Chaplin. 82 pages. 2001. Three-ring binder, $12.
*Educational Publication 9
Earth Science and Minerals Resources of Oklahoma, by Kenneth S. Johnson and Kenneth V. Luza, editors. 21 pages. $8. (Follow link to OGS Education, Outreach pages and scroll down to access EP-9)
Guidebook 8
The Composite Interpretive Method of Logging Drill Cuttings, by John C. Maher. June 1959. 48 pages, 14 figures. 1 plate, 6 tables.
Guidebook 10
Common minerals, rocks, and fossils of Oklahoma, by William E. Ham and Neville M. Curtis, Jr., 1960. 28 pages, 28 figures, 2 tables.
Guidebook 13
Well-sample descriptions, Anadarko Basin: Sample descriptions and correlations for wells on a cross section from Berber County, Kansas, to Caddo County, Oklahoma, by W. L. Adkison and Mary G. Sheldon. September 1963. 139 pages, 2 figures, 1 table.
* Guidebook 14
The composite interpretive method of logging drill cuttings, second edition, by John C. Maher. December 1964. 48 pages, 14 figures, 1 plate, 6 tables.
Guidebook 16
Late Paleozoic Conodonts from the Ouachita and Arbuckle Mountains of Oklahoma, by Maxim K. Elias, 1966. 30 pages, 2 plates.
Guidebook 18
Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Boundary in Northeastern Oklahoma and Northwestern Arkansas, by Patrick K. Sutherland and Walter L. Manger, eds., 1977.
* Guidebook 25
Shelf-to-basin geology and resources of Pennsylvanian strata in the Arkoma basin and frontal Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma (Kenneth S. Johnson, editor). GB for field trip held October 1, 1988. American Institute of Professional Geologists. 25th annual meeting. 105 pages, 67 figures, 3 tables. 1988..
* Guidebook 29
Geology and resources of the eastern frontal belt, Ouachita Mountains and southeastern Arkoma basin, Oklahoma (Neil H. Suneson and LeRoy A. Hemish, editors). GB for field trip held November 15–17, 1994, in Poteau, Oklahoma. 294 pages. 1994.
* Guidebook 30
Stratigraphy and resources of the Krebs Group (Desmoinesian), south-central Arkoma basin, Oklahoma, by LeRoy A. Hemish and Neil H. Suneson. GB for field trip held September 13–14, 1997, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Mid-Continent Section meeting. 83 pages. 1997.
* Guidebook 31
Geology of the Hartshorne Formation, Arkoma basin, Oklahoma, by Neil H. Suneson. 73 pages, 70 figures, 4 tables, 1 color plate. 1998.
Information Series 1
Mountains, Streams and Lakes of Oklahoma, by Kenneth S. Johnson, 1998.
Information Series 2
Geology and Mineral Resources of Oklahoma, by Kenneth S. Johnson, 1998.
Information Series 3
An Enduring Partnership—Oklahoma and the Petroleum Industry (21-page booklet).
Information Series 4
Industrial Mineral Resources of Oklahoma, by Kenneth S. Johnson, 1998.
Information Series 5
Geology of Red Rock Canyon State Park, by Neil H. Suneson and Kenneth S. Johnson (20-page booklet) (previously OF6–96).
Information Series 6
Gee(whiz)ology of Oklahoma, by Neil H. Suneson (20-page booklet).
Information Series 7
Geology of Arcadia Lake Parks—An Introduction and Field-Trip Guide, by W. Aaron Siemers, Thomas M. Stanley, and Neil H. Suneson (20-page booklet).
Information Series 8
"Is This Dinosaur Dung?". . . And Other questions Answered by the Oklahoma Geological Survey, compiled by Neil H. Suneson (35-page booklet).
Information Series 9
Oklahoma's Energy Landscape, by Dan Boyd and Brian Cardott. Published for Earth Science Week October 7–13, 2001.
Mineral Reports
Mineral Reports Through No. 36
Open File 1-2008
Map Showing the Distribution of Underground Mines in the Lower Hartshorne and McAlester Coals in the Adamson 7.5′ Quadrangle, Pittsburg and Latimer Counties, Oklahoma, by S. A. Friedman. 2008. 1 sheet, includes 1 table and annotations.
*Open File 1-42
Catalog of 100 Minerals, Rocks and Fossils from Oklahoma, by W. E. Ham. 1942. 90 pages.
*Special Publication 58-1
Semi-Centennial Report, 1908–1958, by Carl C. Branson, Louise Jordan, and William E. Ham. July 1958. 149 pages, 6 figures, 5 maps, 9 photographs, 7 tables. (Now designated SP58-1.)
*Special Publication 83-2
A History of the Oklahoma Geological Survey, 1908–1983, by Elizabeth A. Ham, November 28, 1983. 80 pages, 36 figures.
Special Publication 85-3
List of Publications of the Oklahoma Geological Survey 1902-1984, by Elizabeth A. Ham, 1985. 78 pages. (docx file) (RTF file)
Semi-Centennial Report 1908–1958


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