Landmark Ouachita Mountains Study
Published in OGS Circular 112A

Circular 112A

It is fitting that in its Centennial year the Oklahoma Geological Survey issued Circular 112A, Stratigraphic and Structural Evolution of the Ouachita Mountains and Arkoma Basin, Southeastern Oklahoma and West-Central Arkansas: Applications to Petroleum Exploration: 2004 Field Symposium, contains J. Kaspar Arbenz’s landmark study of the complex Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma and Arkansas, along with older work by Peter Misch and Keith F. Oles. Arbenz’s extensive field studies and new data to present an innovative and more complete look at the Ouachitas.

There are 86 pages of text and illustrations, along with nine oversized maps and cross sections on paper and on CD ROM.

Arbenz concludes in this study that large-scale horizontal displacement and local rotation of thrust sheets explain the surface and subsurface features observed on geologic maps and seismic data. The paper by Misch and Oles is based on 1950s field work, and was the focal point for much controversy about the Ouachitas. Its importance lies in historical perspective, insightful observations, and detailed maps and cross sections.

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  Educational Publication 9, Available in Print and Online,
Gives Overview of State Geology, Water Resources,
Climate, Vegetation, Minerals, and Oil and Gas
EP-9 Cover

EP-9: Earth Sciences and Mineral Resources for Oklahoma offers readers a generalized overview of the state and its natural resources. It is edited by Kenneth S. Johnson and Kenneth V. Luza.

The oversized, 21-page publication contains text, maps, cross sections and illustrations that cover topography, geologic history, and the geomorphic provinces of Oklahoma as well as a general introduction, references and a glossary.

EP-9 provides a broad look at minerals and oil and gas resources, all of economic value. Other sections cover climate, vegetation, soil, lakes, rivers, streams, groundwater and earthquakes.

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EP-9 Inside pages without cover (28K)
EP-9 Cover (17K)

Separate Sections of EP9

EP9 Introduction, references, glossary (17K)
EP9 Oklahoma geology, geomorphology (5K)
EP9 Oklahoma earthquakes (1.5K)
EP9 Minerals, oil and gas (1.9K)
EP9 Water resources (5K)
EP9 Geologic hazards (1K)
EP9 Soil, vegetation, climate (13K)


  New Guidebook 35 Details 19 Stops
For Booch Gas Play Field Trips
Booch Guidebook

The Survey’s latest Guidebook 3, Guidebook to the Booch Sandstones: Surface to Subsurface Correlations, was compiled to locate, identify and describe the best Booch sandstone outcrops in the Oklahoma part of the Arkoma Basin.

Authors Neil H. Suneson and Dan T. Boyd interpret the depositional environments of the strata and examine the outcrops based on lithologies, sedimentary structures, strata disconformities and textural changes. They include gamma-ray profiles that approximate wireline gamma-ray logs in the subsurface. Parts of wireline logs from nearby wells show that, in some cases, the logs closely match, while at other times they differ greatly from the outcrop. The logs and outcrops are placed in the sequence-stratigraphic framework established for the entire Booch interval.

The Booch (pronounced Boke, like “coke”) is the informal subsurface term used by the oil and gas industry to identify certain sandstones in the Desmoinesian (Middle Pennsylvanian) McAlester Formation.

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